Can I Give My Dog Xanax to Calm Him Down?

I was on Google Plus recently and saw this question asked by a dog owner – "Can I give my dog Xanax to calm him down?" The question got me to thinking not only did someone need to provide an answer to this question, but there really needs to be a discussion in general about giving dogs medications intended for humans.


Xanax is essentially a form of tranquilizer. It is given to humans who suffer from anxiety and stress. Although there are side effects, most people notice a tangible calming effect when taking the medication.

Dogs suffer from stress and anxiety just as we do. Calming them with a tranquilizer is not uncommon and such medications are often used by vets for a wide variety of animals. In the case of dogs, a vet can prescribe canine version Xanax to help calm the pup down.


Give a dog xanax

Does this mean you should give your pup one of your Xanax? No. The human form of the medication is stronger than the canine version and far too large a dosage. How much do you weigh? Now consider how much less your dog weighs. Even a big Irish Wolfhound is going to weight a lot less than most people. If you give the pup even just a half a Xanax, they can actually overdose. That's the last thing you want. Always get a prescription from your vet because they will be able to accurate evaluate your dog and determine the proper dosage.


It often seems to me that we go for the pill solution far quicker than perhaps we all should. While Xanax can help calm down your dog, it makes sense to really try to figure out what the issue is with their conduct. Finding a training solution is far superior to going the medication route.

If you are gone all day and come home to find a hyper 2 year old dog, the dog does not need medication. They need attention and exercise! Go for a bike ride or jog with them and they will settle down just fine.

General Prescriptions

If you can give a dog Xanax, does this mean you can give it other medications as well? No! Every medication is different and so are the anatomies of humans and canines. Remember, the vast majority of us love chocolate, but a dog can die from eating it. Do not randomly give your dog any medications you have. While your intentions might be good, the result could be a real tragedy.

Giving Your Dog Xanax

If your dog is proving to be a handful, take the time to understand why. There is almost always a simple reason such as a lack of attention or exercise. If you pup is getting less than an hour of exercise a day, you need to get them out of the house and running around. If this doesn't settle the fur ball down, then it may be time to ask the vet about Xanax.


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