Picture Perfect

One of the most powerful forces on our planet is art. This force is found in every aspect of life and inspires millions daily. Many artists find inspiration from things in life that bring them joy or fascination. A genre that provides both joy and fascination to millions is Dogs. These loving creatures touch the hearts of many and it shows in the art world. There are many genres in art and every one of them has at least one piece inspired by dogs. Finding the perfect puppy for sale can make your house a home!

Some of the biggest crazes right now in dog art are parody paintings, digital art, and photography. Even if you don’t have a dog it is easy to find a puppy for sale that will fit into your life.  At this point in time anyone has access to computer. The ability to share thoughts and ideas instantly has completely changed the way in which art is viewed and created. Many people whom couldn’t afford technical art training can now watch tutorials online, take online classes without leaving their house, create multimedia without the mess, and instantly share art with other artists. The internet has made an enormous boom in creativity! With so new artists having the ability to create and share art instantly new themes are appearing in the art scene.  These types of images depict feelings of comfort and safety making them desirable.

First we are going to discover the world of contemporary graphic art depicting dogs.  As I mentioned previously, more people have access to art now more than ever.  One things most people have in common is the love for animals, and this is apparent in the type of art that is created. Many artists are recreating what before would be considered snap shots into masterpieces.  The reason dog art is so popular stems from evoking the same feelings as the artists. Many pieces of dog art give the viewer a sense of happiness similar to a real dog. Some artists increase the meaning of dog art by using classical techniques or expanding the color palette in the original photograph. Some artists that exemplify this quality in dog art are Robin Wellner, Dean Russo, and Hollyce Jefferies.


Robin Wellner                         Dean Russo                        Hollyce Jefferies




All three of these art works feature the Chihuahua but have entirely different emotions being projected. These artists are portrait artists. Dogs are such a huge part in the lives of those who love them! People sometimes pay an artist to create unique portrait to commemorate their best friend. Many people don’t realize when they are choosing from hundreds of dogs for sale their lives will never be the same. Finding a dog is like falling in love, when you find the right one you will know. Not only are people buying more art from dog artists, but creating their own. With the developments in websites such as Pinterest people everywhere are being inspired to take share their pets with the world.

The art on Pinterest has many different genres. Some provide a great comical relief, while others make you feel proud to own a dog. Many pieces of art are used as a source of puppy parent pride. Images like these make it easy to convince people to buy a puppy and create their own memories.

Dogs are a huge part of many people’s lives, and their homes too! Posters and calendars are really common ways people decorate their homes. People like to display their interests through decoration around the house.  From soap dispensers to area rugs, dogs are a popular topic. As I mentioned earlier, some artists make parodies of famous paintings replacing the people with dogs.


Dennis Cox parody of Munch’s Scream             K. Niles’s parody of Girl With a Pearl Earing                   




In addition to decorating their homes with dogs, people are taking more photos of their dogs as well. There is nothing like a photo of a cute puppy for sale to make you say “awe.” Cameras are an increasingly present resource in our community today. If you have a cell phone it probably has a camera on it. That means that almost everyone is walking around with the ability to photograph on a whim. In the past, only people that had enough money to purchase a camera and time to learn how to use it could take pictures.

In reality, your whole relationship with your pet probably starts with a photograph. When you are looking to buy a puppy many hours will be spent comparing breeds and pictures. Once you have chosen a puppy you like based on a picture you make a trip to meet the dog is next.  If you decide to take them home, I am sure before you even make it home a photo has been uploaded to your social media site.  New puppies in the house are always a good reason to whip out the camera!  Taking pictures of your new puppy can be difficult.  To get a good photo of your puppy, there are a few tricks you can use to get that perfect photo. The first trick is to use food. Puppies love food and will make eye contact with the camera if you place the treat above it. Another trick is to get low. Dogs are short, therefore you must be on their level to get a good photograph. The third technique is the sneak attack. Some dogs do lots of cute things when they think no one is looking. Some dogs will even run from a camera! Being able to be undetected with your camera will result in some good photos.

Art really does touch every aspect of our lives. If anything, I hope you realized what joy having a dog in your life can bring.  Powerful emotions often dictate artists’ work, and the love of dogs is no exception.  There is no better feeling that having someone happy to see you every time you meet. This quality is hard to find in people but comes naturally to dogs. If you don’t have a canine in your hope, consider finding a puppy for sale that fits into your life today!

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