considers the opportunity to help you find the best puppy for you and your family an honor and a privilege. To ensure a safe and secure environment for new puppy owners, thoroughly verifies, interviews and collects documentation from each breeder. Once completed, breeders are enrolled in the 5 Star Breeder Program. understands that great puppies start with great breeders and advocates on behalf of the responsible pet community.

5 Star Breeder Program

Veterinarian information -- representative personally contacts and verifies each breeder’s veterinarian.

Guarantee – Every reputable breeder offers a guarantee. It must include a physical guarantee and return policy to the buyer.

About Us – A brief history and description of who the breeder is and why they do what they do.

Profile Video – Meet the breeder and see what a great home these puppies' lives begin in.

Testimonials – Reviews from breeder’s customers. breeders must also adhere to the following requirements:

  • Puppies will be 8 weeks old before sale
  • Breeder is willing to meet with customer 
  • All puppies must be and appear healthy, clean and well cared for
  • Not a broker or a pet store
  • Pre-screens potential buyer to ensure the puppy is a good fit for a family
  • Puppies are not advertised as free or in contests on
  • Only Animaroo's approved breeds may be advertised
  • Breeder must provide with two verified references
  • Responds to questioning and submits documentation as necessary to ensure no violation of the above requirements has taken place

To further ensure a great experience with your breeder, each listing placed on is approved by an pet expert. Any breeder not adhering to the above requirements will be immediately removed.