Pug Puppies For Sale

It's important that you know what you're getting when you're looking for a dog - especially if it's the first dog you've ever had. Pugs are very popular these days and we have quality Pug puppies for sale below, but it is important to first familiarize yourself with the characteristics of this breed to make sure the pup and your family are a good match. 

Pug Characteristics

Key characteristics to know include:

  • Pugs are people oriented.
  • These dogs love and need personal attention. This is not a dog you stick out in the backyard. 
  • Energy levels vary wildly with this breed, so pay close attention to how they interact with the other pups in their litter. 
  • Despite being small, these pups will eat all day if you let them. Show discipline so they don't become fat. 
  • The short snout keeps this from being a good runner, so this is not the dog for a jogger. They also tend to snore!
  • Pugs do better in cooler environments. 

The following video provides you wtih additonal facts on these little devils. While we encourage you to watch it as an educational tool, of course you can just scroll down to our current listing of Pug puppies for sale. 


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