Picking A Dog Breed For Protection

People buy puppies for a number of different reasons. While finding a family pet for kids is probably the foremost reason, protection runs a close second. If security and safety are concerns for you, let's take a closer look at how to go about picking a puppy for protection.
Defining Protection
The first question that has to be answered is what do we mean when we use the word protection in relation to dogs? Are we talking about a dog that will bark if an intruder comes to the home or are we talking about a dog that will physically attack an intruder in defending the home? The answer is critical because these represent two very different breed types. 
Barking Protection
The truth of the matter is most people think of large dogs when they think of a pup that will protect them and their home. At the same time, they don't really want a dog that is going to physically attack people because they are worried about the risk. If you fit into this profile, you might be surprised to learn you typically want…a small dog. 
Smaller breeds tend to be very territorial and very vocal when it comes to protecting a household. These pups are often referred to as "yappers" because they make so much noise, which is ultimately what you want. Examples of breeds that fit this exact purpose include the following. 
The Yorkshire Terrier, aka the Yorkie, is a small dog with a lot of energy. This pup is also very territorial. Combine these traits and you have the perfect watch dog. The Yorkie is completely unfazed by the size or intimidation level of strangers entering its territory. It will charge Rottweilers and thieves alike without batting an eye. In fact, this dog may actually be a bit too good at guarding the home. They often must be trained to bark less than their natural instincts suggest. Here's an overview of the Yorkie.
The Shih Tzu has the appearance of the ultimate show dog. With long, silky hair, this looks like the last breed in the world that could protect anything. What the Shih Tzu lacks in brawn, however, it makes up for in energy and barking. In truth, this pup can be a bit skittish so it has a tendency to yap loudly at strangers and strange noises. This makes it a great watchdog for homes, but perhaps a bit much for apartments if noises can be heard through the walls. Still, there is little doubt a stranger trying to enter your home is going to get a loud welcome whether he or she wants one or not. Here's an overview.
The Miniature Schnauzer is a personal favorite when it comes to watch dogs. This pup has all the energy of the Yorkie and Shih Tzu, but with two particular advantages worth noting. 
First, this pup's bark is deep and sounds like it is coming from a much bigger dog. This will obviously have a cautionary effect on any unwanted individuals entering your home. In many ways, this gives you the security of a larger dog without actually owning one. 
The second advantage is the Miniature Schnauzer is not a yapper dog. It will bark when it senses trouble, but that is it. It will not "go off" at every sound, which is nice since most of us live in areas where there is plenty of noise. Here's an overview of this pup.
Of course, all three of these breeds have a major flaw from a protection perspective. If the intruder ignores their barking, there is little these dogs can do to protect you. Let's look at a few puppies that can when they become adults. 
Physical Protection
The world can be a dangerous place. If you live in a bad part of town, a rural area with little police presence or are worried about your personal security for some other reason, there are dogs that have been bred for centuries to act as guardians. These dogs have a history of protecting herds of animals and people alike, both of which they do very well. Let's take a look at three examples. 
The Bullmastiff is our top selection when it comes to dog breeds providing their owners with protection. This big dog is fierce looking, but actually very loveable. The dog is also extremely loyal and will act without pause when it comes to dealing with intruders. Here's the unique thing about these pups, however. They don't bite. Instead, they will pin down the intruder and hold them till either you or the police appear. Here's an overview of this amazing dog.
The Rottweiler is a fearsome looking dog with a bark like rolling thunder and a head the size of a basketball. Well, a basketball with large teeth. 
These dogs were originally bred to protect cattle. They are territorial, strong and very loyal. Just the appearance of a Rottweiler is usually enough to scare off any potential threat. These dogs are very intelligent, and actually need to be trained to recognize the difference between strangers who are just strangers and ones who are threats. If you do not have the time to train the pup, then go with another breed. Here's what Animal Planet has to say about the Rottie.
Looking for something a bit different? The Komondor is a guard dog that looks like a huge mop. Don't let the coat mislead you. This pup was regularly used to kill wolves and it will serve as a great dog for you as well. This pup does better in a rural setting, which makes them great dogs for people living outside of cities. Here's an overview of the Komondor.
In Closing
So, which pup will serve you best when it comes to providing protection? The answer depends on the type of protection you are after. Make that determination first. Then you can choose from the pups in either of the classifications above to find the perfect dog to protect you and your home from the riff raff in the world. 

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