Choosing a Puppy #002 – Consider Your Lifestyle

Choosing a Puppy - Lifestyle

Picking out a puppy for sale in the virtual window is more than deciding which one is the cutest. Adding a dog to the family is a big step. If there are other pets or kids in the family, it may be an even bigger step. It is essential that your lifestyle will support the needs of your new family member.


Larger dogs obviously require larger space. Some of the larger breed dogs such as Newfoundlands and Irish Wolfhounds do not need a lot of exercise, but they do need enough space to stretch their legs daily. So, if you live in an apartment or do not have a large backyard, you will need to make sure you have time to take your new pup on walks and to the park or consider a smaller breed. Also, a dog will need its own space in your home, a spot to call his own.


Young puppies take more time and effort just like babies. If you will need to leave your puppy alone for long periods of time, consider if a young puppy is the right choice. If you have another family member that can take care of the puppy while you are away, make sure they are as committed to your new addition as you are. Many breeders offer dogs that have had some preliminary training and have had some time to grow out of the “puppy stage.”

Even after the “puppy stage” you will need to spend time with your dog and take him on walks. You will need to make accommodations if you go on vacation, will be home late, or have an unusual schedule. It’s a lifetime commitment.


If you have children, they are probably begging for a puppy, but think about who will be caring for it. Just be sure everyone in the family knows what to expect. Also, small children can sometimes be too rough with animals. Young puppies can be injured and older dogs can get grouchy when tugged and pulled on. Supervise your children and make sure they know the proper way to handle your new pooch.

The decision to get a dog will affect your life for many years to come. Dogs bring joy and companionship beyond compare, but they do come with responsibilities and a few basic requirements. They just need the right amount of your space and time and in return, you will be rewarded more than you can imagine.

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