Dog Coat of Hair Problems and Solutions

Have you ever thought your puppy’s coat looked lifeless or out of control? There may be a problem going on deeper than using the wrong dog coat of hair problemsshampoo. Poor health is the leading cause of fur coat problems. If you are looking to get that show quality coat with a puppy, be sure to remember that a beautiful coat starts from the inside.

Diet – Fatty Oils

A quality coat comes from a diet high in fatty oils. Most puppies for sale have poor quality coats because the food they are given isn’t the greatest. High quality foods are going to have more meat, which means more oil as well. If your pup’s hair is in really bad shape, you can even buy additives at your local pet store to help bring out the luster. These additives usually contain fish and other natural edible oils. You can buy them in pill form, liquids, or powders.

Have a fat dog? If you are smart, you’ve put them on a diet. One side effect of low fat dog foods is they can be low in oils, which are fattening. This can produce a dull, flat and dry coat. It also leaves your dog prone to dandruff and dry skin. Having skin this dry can often cause it to be brittle, which increases likelihood of injury. Although you want a thinner dog, consider feeding them proper food but in smaller portions.

Shampoo Issues

Some dogs will still develop a dull, lifeless coat even with a proper diet. This can be caused by using the wrong type of shampoo. Some shampoos will strip oils from the coat. Some dog owners use people shampoo on the dogs. This is a huge mistake. Our shampoo is designed to strip oil out of human hair. This is the last thing you want to do to your dog.


If none of these options change the coat quality of your pup, it may be time to try a different approach.  Conditioning their hair is another potential solution. There are now conditioning sprays that are safe and all natural, containing ingredients like oatmeal, olive oil, and rosemary. You can try them out to see how your dog reacts.


The best intentions can often lead to problems with a dog. Some dog owners wash their dogs fairly frequently, which is a mistake. At most, you should wash them once a month. At most. They are not like humans and do not need frequent cleaning.


In addition to bathing, proper brushing is a hug contributor to a healthy coat. Brushing stimulates the skin. Even with short haired dogs, the dermal stimulation increases the production of natural oils. Ultimately, this is really how you want the coat to keep its luster. Natural solutions always are better than artificial ones.

Keeping your puppy’s coat beautiful and shiny is desirable whether you are hoping to show the dog or just keep them as a family pet. In most cases, foods higher in fat will leave your dog with a stunning coat.

Annie Klacks

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