Golden Retrievers and the Couch of Paradise

Golden Retrievers are absolutely hilarious dogs and make great additions to pretty much any family. Having said this, they have a sneaky side. If you aren’t careful, they can end up making you think they are being obedient with then truth is something entirely different.

Okay, it is time for a little cold reality. You know that lovable pup of yours that is loyal and follows your every command? Well, let’s just say they also follow the “out of sight, out of mind” theory as well. When you leave the home, your rules might just go out the window.

My parents owned two Golden Retrievers who have since passed. To protect the completely guilty, we will call then “Pink” and “Floyd”. These two dogs had a serious love of one piece of furniture in the house – the living room couch. It drove my parents nuts as the couch was a bit pricey.

To cure the dogs of the problem, training was undertaken.

On numerous occasions.

At some expense.

After roughly six months of this, it appeared Pink and Floyd had been cured of their couch addiction. They would simply lie on the floor next to it. There was peace in the house and all seemed well.

Then my parents started noticing hair on the couch of a certain reddish hue. They kept a close eye on the Goldens, but Pink and Floyd never went on the couch. It soon became obvious the dogs were sleeping on the couch when nobody was home.

As rational people, we set out to prove our theory. The three of us “left the house” one day. We got in the car, hit the garage door opener, drove out and closed the door. We then drove half way down the block so the dogs could hear the car leaving.

After roughly 15 minutes of just sitting in the car [and making the neighbors nervous], we got out and walked back to the house. Like James Bond, we snuck into the back yard and tip toed into the house through a door to a bedroom.

And what do you think we found?

Two Golden Retrievers.

Asleep on the couch.Golden Retriever Asleep on Couch

On their backs.

Legs sticking up in the air.

Tongues hanging out of their mouths.

They looked like they were in heaven…until my mother said, “Hello.”

There was a sudden flailing of paws and rolling of bodies off the couch. The expression on the face of each dog was simply priceless.

A look of guilt? Oh, yes.

In fact, they looked so guilty we actually started laughing. So much for discipline.

And your dogs? Are they ignoring your rules the moment you leave the house? No. Of course, not. Not your dogs!

Annie Klacks

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