7th Sign of a Responsible Breeder: Gets Involved

Responsible Breeder

A responsible breeder is so much more than just a puppy factory. They put an immense time, effort and money into each and every breeding and puppy.  They do it for the right reasons and they always put the animal’s welfare above all else. They are working to continue the line of quality dogs whether they be a common breed such as a Poodle or something a bit more exotic such as a Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle.  In addition, they get involved in the dog community.

Joins Dog Clubs

The best way to get involved in the dog community is to join local and national dog associations. This indicates that they love their dog breed and want to be connected to others who share the same passions. It also helps them keep abreast of any new information and continually learning things about their breed and dogs in general.

There are many types of clubs. The most recognized it the American Kennel Association, but there are many others. Local clubs are sometimes called specialty clubs and are often dedicated to a single breed. Other possibilities might be clubs that are devoted to training, hunting, tracking or some kind of performance event.

Attends Dog Events

It can be tough to fit showing dogs into the schedule around work, family and feedings, but most breeders have shown or will have someone else show their breeding dogs. This gives everyone the opportunity to see how their dogs stack up against “The Standard.” The breeder should also be about to produce pedigrees and tell you about each dog’s lineage.  Participating in events further exemplifies their love of the dogs and their sports.

Educates Others

Part of being involved in the community is about educating not only other people in their immediate dog community, but everyone that has a dog, wants a dog, or even just loves dogs. Breeders have the unique opportunity to be experts in the dog world. Their knowledge can make a huge impact.

The dog breeding world has been portrayed in a negative light. This will not change overnight, but it will never change if no action is taken.  Everyone must participate. Responsible breeders can be the leaders. They know what it takes to breed responsibly. It is high time that someone takes a stand against irresponsible breeding and shows the world what responsible breeding looks like.

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