New Book – How to Speak Dog


Ever wonder what your dog is trying to convey to you when it looks at you, raises a paw or what have you? My Puggle puppy always raises its left paw and “grins” when it is trying to get my attention and Brittany always bends her head up to the left. I’m not really sure what either action means, but a vet by the name of Gary Weitzman thinks he does.

Weitzman believes that dogs just want to be with their owners and do the right thing. He doesn’t believe dogs really get mad or seek revenge against their owners. Those are only human traits. Given this, anyone interpreting their dog’s behavior as something negative are simply wrong.

Weitzman says he wrote his new book, How to Speak Dog, to help people, particularly children, better understand what their dogs are saying so they can respond to their pets more effectively. The book discusses dogs’ expressions, tail wagging, barking, and even sniffing. He also gives examples on how owners can adjust their own body language to make their pet more comfortable or make it easier for them to understand what we want. For example, getting down to the dog’s level—in other words, kneeling or sitting on the floor—can put a new pet at ease. Importantly, he believes theses canine messages are true whether your dog is a laid back Newfoundland or energetic Border Terrier.

According to Weitzman, dogs can read lips and body language. They recognize your facial expressions. If you are lucky and a patient owner, a dog will come into your life that just seems to get you. You might even think he reads your mind. Those dogs are like soul mates.  Weitzman believes that he had a dog that was his soul mate. He was able to understand her with a look, and in return, she understood him back with just a look.

How to Speak Dog is published by National Geographic and is aimed for children 8 to 12 years old.

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