Rescued and on the Road

A Florida trucking company has a new employee – an eight-year-old Rottweiler mix that was literally hours away from being put down before being given a new life.

Diesel was at the Animal Care and Control of New York City when Jiffy Transport owner Wanda Lasher saw his photo on a Facebook page and learned he was about to be euthanized.

Lasher recalls, “I looked down at his picture and said, ‘How in the world can they put him to sleep? I’ve got to get this dog.’”

Rescues are close to Lasher’s heart. Her first dog came from an Ocala, Florida, shelter when she was seven years old. “I was so upset because I wanted to take them all. I couldn’t stop thinking about all the ones I had to leave.”

Lasher reached out to Cinagro Farms Rescue Services and NY Pet-I-Care to help arrange the adoption, which included a physical that diagnosed Diesel with kennel cough and treated him. While he recovered, Lasher organized the dog’s transportation from New York to Florida. Mike Dengel, who owns 4D Trucking, picked Diesel up during one of his runs to New York and brought him to the Sunshine State.

Diesel enjoyed the drive to Florida so much that one of Lasher’s drivers, Mike Levy, volunteered to make Diesel his on-the-road partner. He had the passenger seat in his semi removed so Diesel can more comfortably travel with him.

Lasher adds: “He loved the riding, so that’s what we’ll let him do. Monday through Friday, he’s going to be a trucker, and on the weekends he’ll come back here. He’ll get a lot of love for the rest of his life.”

Now this is a happy ending!

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