Choosing a Puppy #001 – Don’t Be Hasty

Choosing a Puppy 001Choosing a puppy is one of the most important decisions you may ever make. They will become your best friend and your daily companion. Even after they are gone, you will look back on your time with them in fondness or possibly regret if your choice is not well thought out. A puppy is not an object to be set aside when you are through or feel you no longer have time. A dog is a living breathing soul that will devote itself completely to you and your happiness.  No one will ever love you as selflessly as a dog.

Sometimes we do not choose our pets. Oftentimes, they choose us. A stray finds us and settles into our lives or just appears in our life and calls to our hearts in a way we cannot ignore. Maybe a pet was a gift. Sometimes these wonderful creatures know what we need better than we do, but if you are searching for a puppy by your own free will, there are significant aspects to consider.

A dog is part of the family. Like the great Mordecai Siegal said, “Acquiring a dog may be the only opportunity a human ever has to choose a relative.” As a legendary pet writer of over 35 books and he was a dog lover through and through.

When looking at puppies for sale, be very careful to only do so after research different breeds. I’ve yet to see an “ugly” puppy in all my years working with dogs. Unfortunately, many dogs in the pound end up there because people by cute puppies that grow into an adult dog that isn’t a good match for the owner. Don’t be this person! Take your time when choosing a puppy.  Do so and you may very well find the best friend you have ever had.

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