5th Sign of a Responsible Breeder: Pre-Screens Buyers

Responsible Breeder

So, you’ve been looking for a purebred puppy. You have probably figured out that not all breeders are equal.  There are many people out there posing as breeders that do not have the knowledge or morality to raise puppies in a responsible manner. They also do not take the time and effort to make sure each and every puppy goes to a good home. A quality breeder loves their dogs, so they are going to make sure they are going to a good owner.

The Interview

If you are interviewing a quality breeder, expect it to be a two way street. You can expect to get questions regarding your history of dog ownership, the living conditions the dog will be in and what you know about the particular breed. This is going to give the breeder an idea of whether you constitute a good potential owner for the do or someone who will be less so. Don’t take offense. If you are not a good match for the dog, it is better to find out before you purchase it.

Puppy Match

The breeder may not let you pick a particular puppy from a litter. Oftentimes, they will match you with a puppy from the litter that has the personality and energy level the breeder feels will be a good match for you based on the interview the two of you undertake. Yes, puppies have personalities and they show them fairly early on:

  • Active puppies are smart and interactive. They are a lot of fun, but need an owner who is perhaps a bit more disciplined and committed to training them.
  • Neutral puppies are relaxed and undemanding. They make good puppies for most people, but you must still be prepared to train your new puppy to ensure a long, happy companionship.
  • Passive puppies are shy and appreciate extra love and support. They can be fearful of change, so they do best in consistent environments where there isn’t a lot of stress.

The truth of the matter is you really want to find the pickiest breeders when looking for purebred pups. Why? A picky breeder is far more likely to match you up with a pup that matches you perfectly than someone just trying to make a buck.

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