The 5 Smartest Dog Breeds

Are certain dog breeds considered smarter than others? Yes! Let’s look at 5 in particular that are known for their sharp intellect.

1) Border Collie
Chaser, the dog famous for knowing 1000 words, is a border collie. He isn’t unique to this breed. Border Collies are known for being very energetic and smart. This can actually be a bit of a problem for people who add them to their home without understanding the characteristics of the breed. How so? The dog must be kept entertained mentally and physically or they can be very destructive.

2) German Shepherd
Known for their bravery in military and police work, the German Shepherd is fearless. They are loyal and energetic dogs famous for being a natural protector. He is happiest spending time with family running and playing. Like the Border Collie, this breed needs an outlet for all of his energy.

3) Poodle
The Poodle isn’t just another pretty puppy. They may appear to be prissy based on how they are groomed, but they are very active dogs that enjoy learning and spending time with those that they love. Poodle owners can vouch that these dogs are also known for having a bit of sense of humor. Even better, they barely shed.

4) Australian Shepherd
Undoubtedly a devoSmartest dog breedsted dog, the Australian Shepherd displays his love with physical touch. Lots of energy and a real need to heard other animals. One of the funniest things I ever saw was an Australian shepherd herding four Rottweilers at a festival.

5) Golden Retriever
Last but not least by any stretch, the Golden Retriever is a full on people pleaser. Behind that sweet, loving face is a surprising intelligence. These hunters turned family dogs are exceptionally devoted. They must be given an outlet for their energy to keep bad behavior at bay. Easily trainable and irresistibly lovable, the Golden is perfect for families with lots of kids.

There you go. One person’s opinion of the five smartest dog breeds.

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