Welcome To The All New Animaroo.com

As you’ve probably noticed, we are making some big changes to the site. With this new version of Animaroo, our goal is to streamline the existing site and add a few new features. Everything should be easier to find when you start looking around. If you have any questions, find “links to nowhere”, or run into any other problems, please let us know and we will get it fixed immediately. Thanks!

And what about our new features? We are really excited about our Puppy Match App you can find on the puppies for sale page of the site. It was created to help you find the perfect puppy by matching up your lifestyle with breeds that have characteristics matching how you live. These factors include:


The first question to consider is the amount of space you have available for the puppy. In my case, I live in a house with a fenced yard and plenty of space, so owning a bigger dog is no problem. There is a lot of room for the pup to run around and play.

And you? Do you have room for your pup? A boxer is a very energetic dog, for example, and needs a yard to play in. If you live in an apartment, you are asking for trouble if you buy such a pup. Fortunately, our new Find Your Best Friend feature takes this into account when matching you to potential breeds.


The next factor to consider is the activity level of the breed. Some dog breeds are happy lying around the house most of the day, while others may get anxious and destroy the yard. High energy dogs are great if you live an active lifestyle. For example, a Border Collie has extremely high amounts of energy. A good home for a Border Collie would include one where the family members are active and would take the dog for runs or bike rides. Our new Find Your Best Friend feature gives you the ability to see which dog breeds have which activity levels. There are six different levels of activity, so you will have plenty to choose from.

Dogs and Kids

Statistically, there is a pretty good chance you are here because you are considering buying a puppy for one or more of your children. In general, dogs make great companions for kids. Having said this, some breeds do better with kids than others. The Find Your Best Friend tool can help you here as well. You can select the “Kid” function and the tool will show you the best breeds to be around children.

Well, we hope you enjoy the new Animaroo and the Find Your Best Friend app.

Annie Klacks

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