Choosing a Puppy #003 – Do Your Research

Choosig a PuppyBoxers, beagles and pugs, oh my! The ongoing list of breeds and breed combinations may have your head spinning. And which puppy is cutest isn’t the only decision maker. These cute little pups grow up and some grow up more than others.

How to Research

Research different breeds when you are thinking about getting a puppy. One helpful tool can be going to dog shows, where you can see a variety of breeds all in one location. Don’t just look at puppy pictures. Great Dane puppies are incredibly cute, but those tiny pups grow into slightly large adults that might not be appropriate for you if the home you live in is small.

Is there something online that will help you identify the best dog for your situation? Oh, yes. There is an app for that and we have it. Click over to our puppies for sale page to use our free Puppy Match app. Enter the size of dog you are interested in, your living situation, whether you have kids and so on. The app will then produce a list of dogs that match your profile. This is incredibly important as the number one reason people give up their dogs is they are not a good match.

Breed Characteristics to Consider

It’s hard to say which characteristic is most important. It will depend on your preference. So in no particular order, make sure you consider, size, activity level, protectiveness, friendliness, potential health issues and grooming needs.

Also be careful about making assumptions. A big dog does best in a big house, right? Not really. Big dogs tend to be calmer, so they can actually do well in smaller areas wheres a medium size dog such as a Belgian Malinois will go insane and destroy your furniture.  Like to go jogging and want to take your new dog with you? Pups with short snouts, such as a Pug, are poor runners so you need to make sure you don’t get one of these breeds. Worried about shedding? An Akita probably isn’t your best choice.

A little research will go a long way. Once you are interested in a few breeds, read our puppy for sale profiles on the breed. Breeders are a wealth of information as well so feel free to contact them and chat.  Regardless of how you proceed, just make sure to learn all you can about the pups you are considering to make sure you get the best possible choice.

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