It’s Not You. It’s Me. I Need Space!


yellowdog“It’s not you, it’s me. I need space.”

If you see a yellow ribbon on a dog, that’s probably what she is trying to tell you. The yellow ribbon is part of The Yellow Dog Project. This dog-based movement is a way of generating awareness of a visual message the dog and her owner are trying to convey.

Yellow dogs are quite simply dogs that need space. Children and adults alike are inclined to approach dogs they see out in public, assuming the dog woDogs wear yellow ribbons to indicate they need space.n’t mind. The yellow ribbon serves as an indication to stay back. The ribbon doesn’t necessarily mean the dog is aggressive or dangerous. They just need a little extra space for a variety of reasons. She could be working through fear, pain or recent emotional trauma issues. The yellow dog could also be in training to be a service dog.

The Yellow Dog Project began with a trainer named Tara Palardy from Red Deer, Alberta (that’s in Canada). With the help of supporters, her movement has gone global.

Palardy insists that The Yellow Dog Project is not an excuse to avoid proper dog training. It is a tool to be used during the training process. The yellow ribbon is also not a waiver of community or legal responsibility. Yellow dog owners must continue to take safety precautions to keep both their dog and the public around her safe. The yellow ribbon is an indicator, not a barrier.

I can give you an example of a yellow dog situation. My Lab mutt is a rescue dog. She lived a difficult life before I picked her up because she is afraid of everything. While she is better, it took her a long time to be comfortable when people approached her. The Yellow Dog Project didn’t exist then, but I would have been happy to have had a ribbon alerting people to stay back so my pup could relax more on walks.

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