Top 7 Christmas Gifts for Your Dog

Consider your dog to be a close member of your family? If so, you might want to give them a gift this Christmas. Yes, you can give them a bone or treats, but why not go with something unique. Here’s our recommendations forChristmas Gifts for Dogs the top 7 Christmas gifts for dogs this year.

1. Dog Water Bowl Toilet

Does your dog drink out of the toilet? My Shiba Inu puppy started and never stopped! Stopping them can be tough so consider using a bit of misdirection. Yes, you can replace their regular water bowl with a dog water bowl toilet. This product looks exactly like your basic toilet, but is dog size and at a lower level where the pup can reach it without straining.

2. Pet Peek Windows

The Pet Peek Window is one of my favorite gifts for a pup and your dog will absolutely love. Does your dog ever stand at the fence barking and trying to look through it? The Pet Peek Window solves the problem. You cut a hole in your fence and put this window in. It acts like a bulb window on the side of a 1970s van. Since you select where the window goes, this window works for a tall dog like a Great Dane or a lower dog like a Chihuahua puppy. Your pup can stick his or her head in into the bulb and see if the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence.

3. The Ruff Bowl

The Ruff Bowl is a mobile water bowl you can take on hikes and jogs to keep your pup hydrated, particular during hot summer months. The bowl is slightly smaller than your average bowl, but it folds up into a ball. When you stop for a drink, you can pop out the bowl to its normal shape, fill it with water and give your pup a drink as well. When the pup is done, dump the water and roll the bowl back up. Fits perfectly in backpacks.

4. Orbee-Tuff Mazee

The “Mazee” is a great gift for dogs with a tad bit more energy than you might prefer such as a Border Terrier or Australian Shepherd puppy.  The Mazee is a plastic ball you can place a treat into. The inside of the ball has a small maze the treat gets caught up in. Your dog’s task is to roll the ball back and forth till it gets the treat to fall out the small opening in the ball. This stimulates your pup physically and mentally.

5. Pet Laser Chaser

Cats are known to chase lasers, but dogs love the mysterious moving red dot as well. With the Pet Laser, you put the device in the middle of a floor with plenty of space, turn it on and watch your pup go nuts. They will chase the laser for hours, which makes it a great diversion. Just make sure to put it on carpet so your pup doesn’t hurt their hips and joints racing around on a slippery floor.

6. Flying Pigs

Love the game Angry Birds? Well, why not switch things around with your dog? You can the Hyper Pet Flying Pigs Catapult to keep your pup entertained for hours. The Flying Pig is actually a slingshot of sorts. You stretch a rubber strap out the nose of the pig to create tension. When you let it go, the pig goes flying through the air with your pup in hot pursuit. The pigs come in green and pink.

7. K-9 Kannon

Another fine product from Hyper Pet, the K-9 Kannon looks like a large pistol. Instead of bullets, it shoots tennis balls up to 30 feet. Pop the ball into the gun, pull back the trigger and take aim. Your pup is going to love racing off to chase the ball. With 30 foot distances, they are going to sleep very well after playing. A great gift for a hyper dog like a Border Collie. To make things even better, using the “weapon” gives you plenty of practice for the upcoming zombie apocalypse!

It goes without saying that dogs are pretty easy to please, so it is hard to go wrong with any gift. Any of the above should be much appreciated by your furry friend. Now about your spouse…

Happy Holidays from Animaroo!!!

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